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Best Hiking Trails in Europe

Alsace Upper Rhine Valley France Europe

Whether you prefer long-distance trekking or relaxed day hikes, Europe has plenty of wonderful trails that every avid backpacker must visit. Amazing views await hikers — from crystalline lakes and waterfalls, quaint villages and towns to rugged mountains and cliffs, the continent has many sights to offer and warm loyal trekkers’ hearts. Get inspired for a fantastic hiking holiday in ...

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Amazingly Cheap Backpacker Destinations You Should Go To

Angkor Hinduism Faces Temple Complex hiking backpacking

Backpacking is one method to see the world and experience various cultures. When it comes to traveling though, people often think that it will involve big money, but there are ways to enjoy frugal travel and places where you don’t have to spend tons just to revel in the country’s delights. Something to arrange when you’re still back home, is ...

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Best Hiking Tracks in the Rocky Mountains

Wildflowers in the Rocky Mountains National Park

Prepare yourself for a bracing hike through the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. The place is a vast wonderland of desolate tundra and features a huge bionetwork of wildflower species, enough for a nature lover’s heart to skip a few beats. The Rocky Mountains boast of chiseled peaks that are outlined against azure blue skies, truly a spectacle in the ...

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Best Hiking Trails in Asia

Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Asia is a wide, colorful continent of differing cultures, awe-inspiring surroundings, untainted vegetation and diverse, delectable cuisines. Discover the wonders of nature through this lauded continent from active volcanic terrain, sprawling rice paddies to verdant rainforests. Hiking in regions around the continent provides backpackers to learn more of the country and experience the local color. Since these trails are sometimes ...

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Best Hiking Trails In South Africa

Sea inlet at Otter Trail South Africa

With its extraordinarily diverse wildlife and plants, South Africa stands to be one of the world’s most fascinating counties – it’s the perfect place for the natural adventurer, too. Thanks to the geography of South Africa, you can find some of the best places in there to take your hikes, treks, and walks. That is, South Africa has everything whether ...

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Best Hiking Trails in Australia

Maria Island Beach Freycinet Experience Walk in Tasmania Australia

Australia is blessed with a rich land packed with lush rainforests, idyllic beaches, deserts the color of blush and imposing, craggy mountains. In fact, hiking is the best way to explore the country and its natural environment. From the unspoiled wilderness of Tasmania to the Northern Territory outback, the country offers plenty of diverse landscapes just waiting for you to ...

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Best Hiking Trails in South America

W Trail Circuit Torres del Paines Patagonia in Chile.jpg

South America is always a top pick for backpackers and hiking enthusiasts for years. Exploring what the continent has to offer is best done through hiking, camping in the wild, just far from the maddening crowd and hemmed in by nature. Trails in the continent range from beginner-level easy to difficult for the more experienced hiker. It takes effort to ...

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8 Long Distance Hiking Trails

Inca Trail of Peru hiking

The great outdoors is a great place to wander, breath, refresh and have your own peace of mind. Exploring the outdoors will make you see the beautiful sceneries, landscapes, splendid views and panoramic sights you only see majestically in pictures and images. Of course America has great hiking trails to offer but many hikers are going abroad for even more ...

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10 Best Hiking Trails

Grand Canyon Nankoweap Trail

Adventure is out there. You may have believed this all your life and in fact have made several plans to find out just what is out there in store for you. But somehow life finds several ways to keep you from exploring the world beyond the usual trails of everyday existence. Fret no more and let us guide you in ...

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