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How To Plan Multiple Day Hiking Trips

Great sight during hiking in the mountains

For most short day hikes it’s not difficult to plan the route of the trail and be prepared. However, hikes spanning multiple days can be hard to do, especially if you’re new to such adventure. But once you overcome it, the gratification you’ll feel will be unlike any other. To successfully finish a multiple day hiking trip, planning and preparation ...

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Daypacks and Backpack Buying Guide

Hiking Backpacks - group of 4 hikers

Daypacks and backpacks are the most common type of bags used by many, and for a good reason. They are hands free, and the weight of your luggage is distributed properly, unlike messenger bags that hang on one side and weighs down your shoulder. Compared to a trolley bag, they have a bigger advantage when used for travelling. They can ...

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Best Hiking Trails in Europe

Alsace Upper Rhine Valley France Europe

Whether you prefer long-distance trekking or relaxed day hikes, Europe has plenty of wonderful trails that every avid backpacker must visit. Amazing views await hikers — from crystalline lakes and waterfalls, quaint villages and towns to rugged mountains and cliffs, the continent has many sights to offer and warm loyal trekkers’ hearts. Get inspired for a fantastic hiking holiday in ...

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Safety Tips for Backcountry Hiking

Plenty of hikers get lost, incapacitated or even pass away while trekking throughout far-off spots on backcountry locations and wilderness spots in the country every year. The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees has said that hikes should not amount to injuries, deaths or expensive search and recovery missions. They could be avoided with proper planning before a trek. This article ...

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Hiking Water Filter System Buying Guide

Katadyn Vario Water Filter - clean water fast

Hiking, backpacking or camping are fun activities and it keeps you in touch with the wild. Do not let dirty water cramp your style by toting along a handy water filter system. Lake, stream or river water might seem pure or untainted up close, but seeing a drop of water samples from those areas under a microscope can be a ...

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Amazingly Cheap Backpacker Destinations You Should Go To

Angkor Hinduism Faces Temple Complex hiking backpacking

Backpacking is one method to see the world and experience various cultures. When it comes to traveling though, people often think that it will involve big money, but there are ways to enjoy frugal travel and places where you don’t have to spend tons just to revel in the country’s delights. Something to arrange when you’re still back home, is ...

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Hiking Binoculars Buying Guide

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD L-Series 10x 42mm Binoculars

Binoculars are really great for exploring your surroundings during a hike. However, there is more than one type of binocular you can use. And although this provides quite the variety in your options, it can also cause you some difficulty in figuring out which type is best for your hiking needs. If you’re not new to the world of binoculars, chances ...

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Garmin Oregon 700 and Garmin Oregon 750T Hiking GPS Review

Garmin Oregon 700 series GPS Glonass Handheld Navigators

People hike and go camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life; it is also a great way to commune with nature. Garmin has always been concerned with the needs of outdoor activity enthusiasts and that is why this year they have come up with the Oregon, which comes in three types; the ...

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What is the best clothing for hiking?

Great sight during hiking in the mountains

Hiking, one of man’s earliest outdoor activities. Even during prehistoric times, man considered hiking as one of his primary endeavours, at times very much necessary for his survival. Man would hike and wander for food, be it for hunting wild beasts or foraging for edible plants and fruits. Sources of fresh, clean water like water holes and mountain springs were ...

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Camp Safely in a Bear Area Tips

Caution bear area

Camping is one of the most fun outdoor activities you can do with your friends or family. But it’s also not without any dangers. In certain areas in the US and Canada, one common form of such threats is a bear encounter. Bears are naturally territorial, and if they feel or see any unfamiliar presence within their territory, regardless if ...

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Guest Posts

guest post blogging on hiking

We’re very strict on the type of external content on but if your website is relevant to outdoor sports, hiking, camping, traveling, etc, your article could be approved for a guest post. Drop us a short message to explain your thoughts, your website URL and guest post topic of course. We do need to charge you a small fee ...

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Enjoying the Outdoors Responsibly

Hikers from every generation must all take part in the responsibility of keeping the wild and all trails in good condition. That way, future generations of avid backpackers and hikers will still be able to enjoy the wonderful trails that hikers of today can experience. Each hiker should take up his or her own code of conduct for the wild ...

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Hiking Folding Knives Buying Guide

Gerber Swagger Folding Knife, Serrated Edge, Drop Point [31-000594]

Folding knives are great and an essential part of your outdoor and backpacking gear. They are small and not dangerous when folded and stowed in your jacket, pants or backpack but they become very useful when you need to cut some rope, open a can of beans or in many other situations. But due to the large number of available ...

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Best Hiking Tracks in the Rocky Mountains

Wildflowers in the Rocky Mountains National Park

Prepare yourself for a bracing hike through the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. The place is a vast wonderland of desolate tundra and features a huge bionetwork of wildflower species, enough for a nature lover’s heart to skip a few beats. The Rocky Mountains boast of chiseled peaks that are outlined against azure blue skies, truly a spectacle in the ...

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Mosquito Repellents for Hiking

Mosquito bites while hiking - advice and tips

Armed with some planning and preparation before venturing into the great outdoors, you must be capable of taking pleasure from your hikes without being bugged by, well, bugs! Mosquitoes are not only a pain in the neck (or just about anywhere in your body), but they are carriers of serious illnesses too. When it comes to protection, preparation is key ...

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