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Maria Island Beach Freycinet Experience Walk in Tasmania Australia

Best Hiking Trails in Australia

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Australia is blessed with a rich land packed with lush rainforests, idyllic beaches, deserts the color of blush and imposing, craggy mountains. In fact, hiking is the best way to explore the country and its natural environment. From the unspoiled wilderness of Tasmania to the Northern Territory outback, the country offers plenty of diverse landscapes just waiting for you to be discovered.

So get those hiking boots on and hold on to your ‘pack, this article will discuss several of Oz’s best in hiking spots.

Australia’s 6 Best Hiking Trails

  • Overland Track in Tasmania

Overland Track in Tasmania AustraliaThis is a renowned 65-km walk that starts at Cradle Mountain and ends in Lake St. Clair. You can trek the whole Overland Track in 6 days or prefer shorter day walks from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre down to Dove Lake. Plan ahead and plan well, because these walks require utmost preparation.

Book in advance by way of the area’s Parks and Wildlife Service and be sure to bring along a nice tent and a comfortable bedroll. Although the trail has 8 standard stove-heated huts along the way, there is no guarantee that those huts won’t be filled up with fellow hikers. The months of November and April are the best times to check out the route because the weather is milder and the days are lengthier because of Daylight Saving Time.

This is a moderately challenging route, but you will be rewarded with views of green forests and pristine lakes, craggy mountains and imposing moors, steep rocky peaks and splendid waterfalls.

  • Thorsborne Trail in Queensland

Zoe Falls on Hinchinbrook Island Thorsborn Trail Queensland AustraliaFar off and isolated, the Thorsborne track is located across Hinchinbrook Island and it is 8-km off the Cardwell Coast. Hikers here will be glad to know that the area has a broad array of landscapes and distinctive wildlife which includes exquisite species of orchids and rare butterflies. The areas has been protected since 1932, being a part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage.

The track spands 32-km long starting from the north’s Nina Bay down to the south’s George Point. The whole route can be accomplished in whatever direction you prefer. It can be conquered by spontaneous and laidback hikers even though the route presents some challenges along the way too.

Highlights of the route include primeval waterfalls, verdant woodlands and utterly relaxing beachfronts. The trail has 7 campsites along the way and they can be accessed by way of a 40-minute boat ride from Cardwell.

If you have extra time, spend some relaxing days and rent a kayak to explore the coastline, go surfing or kite-surfing. Try out the stand-up peddle boarding and find the best scenery from the water. You can easily find rental shops for all and they can inform you what the best SUP boarding locations are.

  • Wilderness Coast Walk in Victoria

Wilderness Coast Walk in Victoria Australia
Wilderness Coast Walk

The Wilderness Coast Walk in Victoria is a 100-km walk and is a challenge. It suits advanced hikers who must carry with them the right gear and equipment suited for such a hike. There are no precise routes here and you are required to book camp sites beforehand.

The three sections of the route present far-flung beaches and views of the ocean in the course of each hike. The area’s teeming wildlife is the biggest draw on this track and it provides hikers the chance to witness a broad array of flora and fauna, including plenty of endangered species.

You can do the route any time of the year but keep in mind that you have to prepare well prior to the hike.

  • Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory

Larapinta Trail West MacDonnell National Park Northern Territory AustraliaThe route measures over 200-km and it starts from nearby Alice Springs and ends in the Northern Territory’s Mt. Sonder. The Larapinta Trail is divided into 12 singular sections and includes 41 camp sites throughout the course, which is good news so hikers can decide on the length of the track they want to tackle each day.

In the course of the track, hikers will be presented with steep mountains, a manifold of gorges and arid creek beds. This track is a great way to explore the Northern Territory and you can drop by the area’s numerous historical sites and consecrated indigenous areas. It is a moderately difficult hike so it’s left best for experienced hikers since you will stumble upon craggy and rocky surfaces.

Explore area highlights like the thriving flora and fauna in Simpson’s Gap and the Finke River. Winter is said to be the best time to explore the route. Water is accessible throughout the track and there are no permits or booking fees required for the camp sites.

  • Bibbulmun Trail in Western Australia

Bibbulmun Trail Track Gnangarra in Western AustraliaThis is one of the world’s best walks and the entire route measures 1000-km and starts at Perth Hills’ Kalamunda and ends on the south’s Albany area. The Bibbulmun Track meanders the country’s southwest and crosses woodlands, national parks and valleys. The track includes 49 scattered camp sites along the way and you can choose to have a laidback day hike for 2 days or decide on a 6 or 8-week hiking bender.

The track is specifically for trekkers only and is flagged with yellow-colored triangle-shaped markers representing the Waugal, the Aboriginal Dreaming’s Rainbow Serpent. Along the way, you will discover highlights like misty valleys, massive boulders made of granite, shoreline heathlands and ample forests.

Those who want to conquer the whole track and accomplish it are bestowed with the title of “end to ender.” The trek is recommended during the cooler seasons because the extremely high temperatures can be uncomfortable and the area is even dangerous because of bushfires. It is an awesomely free route so you will not be required to book for camp sites.

  • Freycinet Experience Walk in Tasmania

Wineglass Bay and The Hazards from Mt Amos peak Freycinet Experience Walk in Tasmania AustraliaThe route encompasses the entirety of the Freycinet Peninsula on the east coast of the island state. Places like the Hazard Mountains feature abundant seaside forests and pink granite while Wineglass Bay has its stark white sand shorelines. The Freycinet Experience is is a 4-day hike and the route highlights secluded spots and infrequently traveled locations of the Freycinet National Park.

It is said that the Oyster Bay Tribe traveled the same route over 30,000 years before. The Bluestone Bay is also home to plenty of wonderful local flora like Grass trees.

For those who want to be challenged, they can take on the ascent from Cook’s Beach to the summit of Mount Graham, which is 579-m above the sea. After conquering the peak, hikers will be greeted by the spectacular views of the Hazard Mountains’ famed darkish pink granite ridges.

For all these hikes it’s very important to start well prepared! Do your basic hiking gear check and make sure your hiking boots are fine, your backpackers tent is fully complete (no missing poles), your hiking GPS is charged and your backpack is filled with your essential hiking clothes, extra food and a first aid kit.

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