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Sleeping Bags Buying Guide

When camping out, sleeping bags are one of the most important must haves. Just like backpacking bags that focuses on choosing the one with lesser weight and the best comfort, picking the right sleeping bag for camping is all about comfort and minimal weight. There are numerous sleeping bags being sold in the market wherein variety of it are available ...

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Top 10 best backpacking sleeping bags under $100

Mil-Spec Plus Mt. Timp 3 Season Sleeping Bag

Buying the best backpacking sleeping bags that assure you a comfortable sleep after a long adventurous day is important for any avid backpacker or a camper. The best backpacking sleeping bag is perhaps the most expensive gear you will purchase when you are planning for a backpacking trip. However, the best sleeping bag doesn’t have to be expensive and you ...

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5 Tips to buy best backpacking sleeping bags for camping

Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

After an exciting and perhaps a tiresome day of camping, the best backpacking sleeping bag makes it possible to have a comfortable sleep and relax. With so many different types and brands of sleeping bags available on the market today, choosing the best backpacking sleeping bag isn’t an easy job and your mind find everything to be very confusing. In ...

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