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Best Hiking Trails in Europe

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Whether you prefer long-distance trekking or relaxed day hikes, Europe has plenty of wonderful trails that every avid backpacker must visit. Amazing views await hikers — from crystalline lakes and waterfalls, quaint villages and towns to rugged mountains and cliffs, the continent has many sights to offer and warm loyal trekkers’ hearts.

Get inspired for a fantastic hiking holiday in Europe or combine these trails with your city trips in Europe. Either way, you’ll enjoy the beautiful hiking trails in Europe and have a wonderful time! Just make sure you’ll bring your own hiking boots, backpack and other hiking gear.

Here is a list of the most excellent European tracks and what you need to know about them. Read on and pick a favorite!

Top European Hiking Trails

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy

Charming seaside resorts, small beaches and craggy outcrops make up Amalfi Coast. Amalfi and Positano are known for their precipitous slopes and they segue into the steep summits and flat terrain of the Monti Lattari mountain range. The coast has plenty of wilderness, agricultural walkways and footpaths and trekkers will be fed with sights of striking landscape and flora at varying altitudes.

Hiking is best suited in the months of April through May when the seasons are mild. And if you are the type who loves the water, June and September are your best bets for beach and boating adventures.

Hiking the coast is undemanding in general especially the lower-tier walks but the place has a number of steps so prepare yourself for some vigorous walking. The Walk of the Gods is one popular high-level walk and it is an excellent track located between Bomerano, high up in the hills segueing into the coastal area of Positano. It takes approximately 4 and a half hours with a descent of 638 meters.

Amalfi Coast Italy Europe Capri Coastal Hike Port of Amalfi Coast Italy Europe Amalfi Coast Italy Europe
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a hidden gem located within Croatia near the Bosnian border. The green, flourishing valley boasts of 16 joined lakes connected by glassy waterfalls and stretches of enjoyable walks. Hikers will feels blessed to be surrounded by so much untainted beauty, even fishing is forbidden in the lakes and the trout grows in abundance.

Environmentally-conscious electric boats transport hikers throughout the area’s largest lake and at its furthermost part, a number of boardwalks await hikers, lingering to be explored and fawned on.

The wildlife is home to the area’s fauna, from wild boars, wolves, deer, lynx, wildcats and over 160 species of birds. It is also home to around 50 endangered European bears, but worry not since these bears tend to stay away from the hiking trails.

You can go to the park by public bus; the park is on majority of Croatia’s bus itineraries. If you want a faster trip, you can go to the area by car. The park is well-organized so there is no wasting time in there; you will discover plenty of sights in no time.

Magical Way Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia Europe Walking paths Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia Europe Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia Europe
  • Alsace Wine Route, France

Are you the backpacker who like wine? Then what better way to tackle two things at once than get into a trail in Alsace, France.

If you paid attention to your history teacher in school you will know that the area has a resonant, chaotic history. The area’s German influences are strong and you will see its significance on its food and architecture. Up until World War II, the Upper Rhine Valley was a part of Germany (actually, an on-and-off part of the country for centuries).

To explore wines while enjoying your walk, take the Route des Vins d’Alsace to reach loads of vineyards from start-ups to bigger ones. Take in sights of charming villages and over a hundred castles that are open to the public. Visit historical Riquewihr, an enthralling medieval hamlet located in the slanting hills of vineyards that create incomparable Riesling wines.

Alsace Upper Rhine Valley France Europe Alsace Wine Route France Europe Hiking Trail Alsace Wine Route France Europe
  • Haute Route, Switzerland

The Haute Route is a high-level mountain trek and was founded nearly a century ago as a free climbing track that connects Chamonix and Zermatt, two of the continent’s principal mountaineering hubs. The place was built as a ski route back in the day and just recently it was developed as a top-tier mountain hike.

The hike here takes effort and lasts for 12 days. However, hikers will be greeted with the splendor of the area’s terrain. The Haute Route trail starts out in Chamonix at the bottom of Mont Blank, meanders throughout the Valais region then finishes at the base of the Matterhorn in Zermatt.

Discover other impressive summits like the Dent Blanche, Weisshorn. Mont Blank de Cheilon, Grand Combin and the Pigne d’Arolla while traveling on foot. Tread alpine meadows and larch woodlands, bleak passes, stumble upon glassy lakes, trek underneath intimidating mountaintops and glaciers and arrive into verdant valleys.

Hiking around Chamonix in the Haute Route Switzerland Europe Hiking the Haute Route Switzerland Europe Haute Route Switzerland Europe
  • Preikestolen, Norway

This area is one of the hottest hiking spots in Norway and the two-hour hike to get to this point is a cakewalk when compared with the 2,000-foot drop from the cliff found at the top. It is one of the frequently visited places in Norway because of the landscape; mountains and fjords make for an excellent view especially on a clear, sunny day.

The pulpit rock stands at 1,982 feet above Lysefjord from across Kjerag in Forsand, Rogaland region. The hike suits individuals of all fitness levels and ages; the hike measures at 2.4 miles and is pretty much a straightforward route.

The track can be accessed anytime and you can get there by bus or a private vehicle. Both modes of transportation will undergo a ferry crossing.

Trolltunga Preikestolen Norway Europe Map of Preikestolen Norway Europe Hiking in Preikestolen Norway Europe
  • Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany

The 210-square meter park provides some of the most excellent tracks in the country. Try out the 2-kilometer trail starting from St. Bartholomä to the infamous Watzmann-Ostwand. One more exciting trail to explore is the southern extremities of the Königssee down to the Obersee.

The lower-level tracks will take hikers throughout mountain valleys and the lake Konigsee, which is a mountain lake. Tourist Information usually recommend a 2.5-mile rounded track that begins at the Konigsee boat dock and finishes at the Jenner cable car post. For challenging hikes, you can explore the Berchtesgaden National Park trail down to Halsam which is around 4 miles long of steep paths and excellent views above the Ramsau River and the Hintersee.

Hintersee Ramsau Berchtesgaden National Park Germany Europe Kehlsteinhaus Berchtesgaden National Park Germany Europe Konigssee Berchtesgaden National Park Germany Europe

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