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Amazingly Cheap Backpacker Destinations You Should Go To

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Backpacking is one method to see the world and experience various cultures. When it comes to traveling though, people often think that it will involve big money, but there are ways to enjoy frugal travel and places where you don’t have to spend tons just to revel in the country’s delights.

Something to arrange when you’re still back home, is your backpack gear. In some remote areas of the world, it’s difficult to get certain things that you might think are completely normal. Go through the backpacking essentials list and get all the gear you need before leaving. Certainly don’t forget the following: (water proof) backpack, hiking boots, hiking clothing and socks.

Budget constraints means you won’t fly to luxurious destinations and check in at five-star hotels but the real essence of traveling is to see new worlds, find the trails and take in the local color. Better read the rest of the article for the most affordable yet adventurous destinations that you and your friends can experience.

  • Turkey hiking backpackingTurkey

Turkey remains to be one of the most sought after budget-friendly travel/backpacking destinations. It has a distinctive mix of eastern and western cultures, plus its wonderful landscapes and adventurous terrain has pulled in plenty of jetsetters from all over the globe. It has its center of commerce named Istanbul, a huge variety of souks, tasty and affordable eating in the Grand Bazaar food market and a lot more.

  • Kaleidoscope of River Kwai ThailandThailand

Each year, Thailand experiences a surge of visitors from different countries. And there are plenty of reasons why people keep flocking to this destination; its stretch of wonderful beaches, unique culture and distinguishing cuisine.

Pundits might say that the country has become a commercialized tourist hellhole, but just go to the northern spots of the country and avoid any area near the beach. From there you can revel in tropical sanctuaries that is suggestive of the country’s colorful culture and enjoy local cooking at the price of a dollar.

  • Nicaragua

Just a few distances away from Costa Rica, Nicaragua is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular backpacker spots. It provides a lot of that attractive Central American allure that has drawn travelers in-the-know. It won’t cost you over 10 bucks a night for a dorm room and the local cuisine won’t put a dent in your wallet.

So if you want to experience the Central American way of living, do check out Nicaragua.

Masay Nicaragua hiking backpacking

  • Machu Picchu Maya city PeruPeru

Peru is a favorite destination among backpackers; the country has after all, the famed Machu Picchu. Follow ancient Andean tracks to a distinctive merging of the country’s intriguing history and remarkable wildlife, you will get to see and sense something wildly exclusive that only Peru can offer.

Begin with a walk around the country’s capital, Lima and with some basic Spanish language on hand and a nice, sturdy pair of footwear, prepare to take on the area.

  • northeast Albania near the border with KosovoAlbania

Albania is one of those affordable European destinations that you have to check out. If you want to explore the Mediterranean but don’t want to go to expensive tourist traps like Greece, Albania is a stunning substitute, and expenses in the country won’t put a dent in your wallet too.

The area has a lush cultural heritage and architectural wonders that were developed due to the country’s close ties with other nations like Rome, Greece, France, Italy, among others. For culture, you can check out Tirana and its museums and historical sites while hikers will enjoy the view from above Mt Dajti. Meanwhile, beach lovers will warm up to Jala Beach and Dhermi.

  • Volcano Poas Costa Rica hiking backpackingCosta Rica

Costa Rica is a country of natural eyecandy; it has scores of striking volcanos, exquisite national parks, stunning bird species, incredible wildlife, pristine bodies of water and bluer-than-blue coasts. It is a favorite destination of eco-loving backpackers through the years.

A trip to the country’s national parks like the Corcovado National Park will require you to pack some additional swimming gear because trust us, you won’t be able to resist the unspoiled wonders of those places’ hot springs, waterfalls and various swimming holes.

  • Himalayas Nepal Hiking backpackingNepal

Are you into flora, fauna and timeless Asian customs? Then you should get that ticket to Nepal. The country has scads of countryside that are yet to be conquered by the modern times, and this gives the country its charm. Buddhist and Hindu temples are abound in the Kathmandu Valley and as for the food and accommodation? They’re reasonable at best.

  • Waterfall Thac Dray Nur Buon Me Thuot Daklak Vietnam hiking backpackingVietnam

Many travelers have jetted off to Vietnam because of the unique mix of French and Asian cultures, its abundance of top sights, various activities and world-famous cuisine that can be had for just a few bucks. Hostels typically offer rooms for below 3 dollars a night while the country’s famous cuisine can be had on affordable street vendors and eateries found all over the place.

  • Panekire Bluff - Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk New ZealandNew Zealand

New Zealand is a country thriving, nay, flooding with exquisite sights and wildlife. This is the destination for the active backpacker because of the adventure offerings that are provided. It is also one of the top choices for friends who love to travel.

One of the most cost-effective ways to discover the area is to rent or buy then sell a campervan. Fuel is typically on the cheap and there are plenty of free or affordable camp sites that you can stay in. Or even cheaper is hitchhiking, something what many backpacker do in New Zealand. As for low-priced food; you can go for locally-cultivated fruits and veggies or check out roadside eateries.

  • Cambodia Angkor Bayon Guards Statues hiking backpackingCambodia

Cambodia is often included on every backpacker’s bucket list. The place has wonderful terrain and is one of the most inexpensive destinations that one can explore. It has everything a rambler needs: exotic locales, striking beaches, a fertile history and plush Asian heritage.

Cambodia is also a country with reasonably-priced life expenses; you can check in on hostels for approximately 3 dollars or even a dollar a night, experience cheap transportation despite it being overcrowded and unreliable, and have below $1 hearty meals 3 times a day in the region’s many eateries and street vendors.

You can visit the famed Angkor Wat for all its Khmer splendor, check out Banteay Srei for its depictions of amazing Ankorian Art, visit the National Museum of Cambodia for its sizable collection of Khmer sculptures, swim in Otres Beach and view over 200 giant grinning faces of Avalokiteshvara in Bayon.

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