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Best Backpacking Sleeping
Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

How to buy best backpacking sleeping bags for hiking and camping

When you are trying to find the best backpacking sleeping bags, the most important thing is for you to strike a good balance between weight and comfort among other factors.

This article aims at guiding you on the kind of features you should look for when buying the best backpacking sleeping bags for hiking or camping. With so many options of sleeping bags available at, you will need to be well informed on exactly what defines the best sleeping bag for hiking and settle for nothing but the best.

Temperature rating of the best backpacking sleeping bags

When speaking about the temperature rating of a sleeping bag, this aims at identifying the lowest temperature in which the bag is designed to keep the sleeper feeling warm. If you find a sleeping bag with a description of 20 degree bag’ like the Coleman Brazos 20 Degree Sleeping Bag, this means that most of its users are able to sleep comfortably after the temperatures drops to not below 20o F. However, keep in mind the fact that metabolism usually varies from one person to other and you will need to consider more factors that the temperature ratings for you to find the best backpacking sleeping bags for you.

Best backpacking sleeping bags – Insulation type

Different sleeping bags will come with different types of insulation and it is essential that you consider this when shopping for the best sleeping bag for camping. Of the many sleeping bags that you can buy at such as the likes of Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag, Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag 2014, Suisse Sport Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag, Coleman Willow Creek Warm-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag and Coleman Palmetto Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag, the most common types of insulation include synthetic insulation, goose down insulation, water resistant down insulation, etc. You must know the exact type of insulation that you prefer most to ensure that you get the most out of it.

The best backpacking sleeping bags should have a waterproof outer shell

It is very important that you look for a sleeping bag for hiking that has been treated with a water repellent, durable finish. Such a finish contributes greatly to allow the water on the ground to bead up on the sleeping bag while also serving as an ideal barrier for your fabric insulation. Stansport Redwood Ultra Light Sleeping Bag, for instance, is the best backpacking sleeping bags available at that you can buy for your upcoming hiking trip or camping expedition. This sleeping bag is a top favorite for many thanks to the fact that it has an awesome waterproof outer shell that you will certainly find to be a perfect addition to the usual sleeping bag.

Features of a sleeping bag ideal for backpacking

After considering all the aspects highlighted here above, it is of paramount importance that you choose a sleeping bag for camping or hiking that has all the features that you would look for in an ideal backpacking sleeping bag. For instance, make sure that you buy a sleeping bag that has an in-built hood and you will find lots of them at such as Wenzel Backyard Bag 30 Deg, American Trails Ozzie and Harriet Double 2 Person Giant Sleeping Bag, Coleman Calgary 20 Degree Sleeping Bag and TETON Sports TrailHead +20 Degree F Ultralight Sleeping Bag (2.9 lbs, 87″x 32″x 22″, Orange/Grey). You can clinch the hood with a drawstring and this helps in preventing loss of heat through your head. Also, make sure that you buy a sleeping bag that has a draft tube as well as this helps in ensuring that heat doesn’t escape along the zipper of the bag.

You should also consider choosing a sleeping bag for hiking that has a stash pocket where you can put small items such as cell phones, glasses or watches. The best backpacking sleeping bags also has pad loops and you can use this for attaching to the sleeping pad. The pad serves as a cushion to your sleeping bag and helps in ensuring that your sleeping bag doesn’t roll off the pad. Sleeping bags come in different prices and it is essential that you engage in comparable shopping so that you can find the best backpacking sleeping bags that won’t cost you a lot.

It is no secret that buying the best backpacking sleeping bags can be a real challenge, especially if you are not well knowledgeable about the different options available out there. To make sure that you make the most informed decision possible, you should keep in mind all the information highlighted here above to ensure that you make the best decision possible. Also, make a point of reading customer reviews at to know what you can expect from these bags.

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