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Garmin Oregon 700 series GPS Glonass Handheld Navigators

Garmin Oregon 700 and Garmin Oregon 750T Hiking GPS Review

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People hike and go camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life; it is also a great way to commune with nature. Garmin has always been concerned with the needs of outdoor activity enthusiasts and that is why this year they have come up with the Oregon, which comes in three types; the Garmin Oregon 700, Garmin Oregon 750 and the Garmin Oregon 750t.

We are going to review the Garmin Oregon 700 and the 750t. Although the 750t has all the specs of the former, it also includes a few major separate features. Let us get on with the review and know more about these newfangled GPS gadgets.

Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld Hiking GPS
Garmin Oregon 700
Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld Hiking GPS
Garmin Oregon 750t


  • Electronic compass (3-axis)
  • Preloaded maps (for 750t only)
  • Built-in memory card (1.7 GB for 700, 4 GB for 750t)
  • 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and digital zoom (750t only)
  • Capable of adding maps
  • Up to 16 hours battery life
  • IPX7 water rating
  • Touchscreen type
  • Transflective color TFT touchscreen display resolution
  • Data card ready (microSD up to 32 GB, sold separately)
  • 10,000 waypoints/locations/favorites
  • 250 routes
  • 20,000 point track log
  • Automatic routing with optional mapping
  • Paperless geocaching feature
  • Compatible with custom maps
  • Links up with Garmin Connect
  • Compatible with wireless devices like WiFi, Bluetooth and ANT+

The Garmin Oregon 700 includes the following items in the package:

  • USB cable
  • Carabiner clip
  • Manual

The Garmin Oregon 750t includes the following items in the package:

  • Preloaded TOPP U.S. 100K or TOPO Canada
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Carabiner clip
  • Manual

Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld Hiking GPS - key features

Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld Hiking GPS - feature menuFeatures

The hiking GPS comparison of the Garmin Oregon models is not that difficult since both of them are very similar. The Garmin Oregon 700 and the Garmin Oregon 750t includes a slew of new features like the recently improved and reformed GPS antenna which can take in better and more accurate information. These hiking GPS handhelds also feature the innovative function Active Weather which allows users to acquire data on weather data pictures. Users can also update the gadget in real-time so they can completely organize their journeys to steer clear of any hassles along the way.

Both Garmin Oregon units let users keep track of text messages, phone calls and emails by way of the Smart Notification system, which they can get directly through a matching smartphone. This is a good way to keep in touch with your friends and family whenever you go on a trip and may even save you during an emergency. They also include a microSD slot so users can save the company’s TOPO maps.

The devices’ high-sensitivity GPS is compatible with GLONASS, a world wide available satellite system and this guarantees better signal reception thus users will be able to rely on accurate positioning and even solve issues on problematic, inaccessible locations. All models from the Garmin Oregon line also include a preloaded world map for precise topographical points.

Both Garmin Oregon models have state-of-the-art navigation calculation called the Round Trip Routing which lets users set their preferred number of kilometers, go on hikes straight from the unit by reducing time or distance. The Garmin Oregon 750t’s TOPO Active feature is recommended for hikers who are into newer but safer routes thanks to the help of the device.

More features comes in the form of the IE altimeter, barometer, 3-axis compass and ABC sensors. The barometric altimeter documents pressure changes to offer accurate information while the barometer is capable of predicting weather changes. On the other hand, the 3-axis compass assists hikers and trekker in keeping up with correct directions even when they are not moving.

Users are also provided a wider selection of profiles which are augmented for a variety of activities from hiking, cycling, geocaching and even fishing. They can customize the profiles with their preferences.

The Garmin Oregon 700 and Garmin Oregon 750t models are also compatible with the Connect IQ platform, which allows users to customize their devices with a selection of data fields and starting in October, they can take advantage of widgets and applications for the Oregon that may prove to be helpful on their hiking trips.

While both Garmin Oregon devices feature 3-inch dual orientation touchscreens, only the Garmin Oregon 750t is equipped with an 8-megapixel camera. This is ideal for the hiker who loves documenting his trips and sharing his experiences and the views he loved to his family and friends. The camera is capable of taking geo-tagged pictures and it is flash-ready too.


One of the strongest points of both Garmin Oregon devices is the Active Weather feature, which offers users weather updates and forecasts in real-time, a practical and useful function for hikers who are always on the go. Very advantageous since hikers can plan out their trips based on the conditions of the weather.

Other useful features of the Garmin Oregon models are the Round Trip Routing, the Garmin Connect mobile application and the Garmin Connect IQ platform. Both devices are also IPX7 rated which means they can be used under rain and bad weather conditions.


Both units are packed with plenty of helpful features that will prove to be beneficial for hikers. Alas, a wider selection of features can also mean higher prices. These recent Garmin models are not exactly budget-friendly; if you need one, you have to save up for it, especially if you are after the Garmin Oregon 750t.

Final Verdict

Garmin Oregon 700 750 750t Hiking GPS

Garmin Oregon 700 and Garmin Oregon 750t are sure winners in the hiking GPS market—they are packed with features that will help hikers to stay safe and secure. No more wrong directions because of its hyper-sensitive GPS operations—the device makes sure you are kept on the right path.

Pricy but worth the investment, especially if you are the kind of hiker who loves exploring new routes or tracks. It is also tough enough for diligent hikers who will go on hikes no matter the weather condition.

If you are on the hunt for a practical hiking/trekking GPS device that works, both models are recommended—documentations of your hiking trips is also a reality now thanks to the camera-ready Garmin Oregon 750t.

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