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Hiking Information

How To Plan Multiple Day Hiking Trips

Great sight during hiking in the mountains

For most short day hikes it’s not difficult to plan the route of the trail and be prepared. However, hikes spanning multiple days can be hard to do, especially if you’re new to such adventure. But once you overcome it, the gratification you’ll feel will be unlike any other. To successfully finish a multiple day hiking trip, planning and preparation ...

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Safety Tips for Backcountry Hiking

Plenty of hikers get lost, incapacitated or even pass away while trekking throughout far-off spots on backcountry locations and wilderness spots in the country every year. The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees has said that hikes should not amount to injuries, deaths or expensive search and recovery missions. They could be avoided with proper planning before a trek. This article ...

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Camp Safely in a Bear Area Tips

Caution bear area

Camping is one of the most fun outdoor activities you can do with your friends or family. But it’s also not without any dangers. In certain areas in the US and Canada, one common form of such threats is a bear encounter. Bears are naturally territorial, and if they feel or see any unfamiliar presence within their territory, regardless if ...

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Enjoying the Outdoors Responsibly

Hikers from every generation must all take part in the responsibility of keeping the wild and all trails in good condition. That way, future generations of avid backpackers and hikers will still be able to enjoy the wonderful trails that hikers of today can experience. Each hiker should take up his or her own code of conduct for the wild ...

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Hiking with Kids

father and children walking and hiking

You have toiled on thousands of tracks and enjoyed the experience and the scenery those hikes provided. But now that you have kids, you do not get to trek as much, but would love to make your kids appreciate nature and hiking the way you did. The question here is, how do you persuade them? The following is a gathering ...

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